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  • Main Address:   5935 South Zang Street #220 Littleton, CO 80127

    E-mail:                 kgarrett@1stmtgs.com

    Phone:                 303-798-6100 X 117

    NMLS:                  #799794

    CO ID:                 #100506094

  • My name is Ken Garrett and I am excited to have joined the 1st Mortgages team.  Being that I have been in the mortgage industry over 18 years, all things mortgage are second nature.  The goal is to use my experience to help you identify the best mortgage option to satisfy your needs. My process is very simple:  listen intently, communicate well and often, and make sure you know you are a priority.  I always say that timing is everything. If for any reason, we cannot immediately find an option to your liking, we will plan together and create the desired outcome. 

    I have lived in Colorado since 1990 and absolutely love the State.  I have set roots and call Castle Rock my home town.  I have a beautiful wife and twin boys.  I coach sports, we ski as often as we can, and camping in our mountains is a summer pass time.

    I sincerely like what I do and welcome the opportunity to assisting you with your home purchase or helping you review finance options for your home.  

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